Monday, October 26, 2015

MCM 10K 2015

Yesterday I ran the 10K with the Marine Corps Marathon.  It was a cold, damp, rainy day, which wasn't particularly fun to run in.

I wasn't expecting to do very well, because I've been so busy with work lately and really haven't been getting much sleep.  Well, that's what happened.

My chip time was 59:41, which was 14 seconds slower than last year.  Very disappointing, because I didn't walk at all this time and felt like I was doing better overall.  My splits were nearly all positive; my first mile was quite slow - if I'd done better there, I would've at least beaten last year's time, if not done even better.

The race was slow overall.  I was 1954th out of 7770 runners, which is in the top 25%.  In was 793rd out of 4920 women, in the top 11%.  And I was 70th out of 624 women in my age group, again in the top 11%.  I think this is because "serious" runners are generally doing the marathon, if they are doing anything.

I don't think I'll do this race again next year.  With the crowds, it's hard to get a good pace going, and the course is actually kind of hilly with all the highway ramps.

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