Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A very humid day on Hilton Head!

After having a couple days of rather dry and cool weather on Hilton Head, yesterday got back to the usual hot and humid.  In the morning, I did a 40-min easy run.  Since I was trying to keep my heart rate at about 65% of maximum, I ended up running very slowly.  In 40 min, I ran 3.25 mi, which was an average speed of 4.7 mph!  It was really humid, which obviously had a detrimental effect.

In the afternoon, my husband and I played some singles.  The heat and humidity really wore us out, and we played less than the 2 hours we usually do.  I was not playing well, and only won one match.

This morning, it seemed to be not quite as humid, but still humid.  I did a walk instead of a run, walking 3.3 mi in 54:53.  I still got my heart rate going pretty well.

Before lunch, my husband and I did a bike ride around the plantation.  RunKeeper says we did 12.99 mi in 58:41, which was an average speed of 13.3 mph.  That's a little fast compared to our usual speed, and we didn't feel like we were working that hard, so I think it was a bit off.  The nice thing about the biking was that we made our own breeze!  Also, I got to see my Basis Peak detect biking for the first time since I got it, which it did successfully.

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