Saturday, February 22, 2014

Eleven! Also, a run and practice

Last night, my 6.5 combo team won all of the courts!  Joan and I played very well on #1 doubles and won 6-4, 6-3.  I can't say that I hit my forehands with confidence, as was my goal, but I did feel like I played well over all.  We made very few unforced errors, kept the ball in play, and focused on working the weaker of our two opponents.  It's the eleventh win in a row for me!

This morning I did a 6-mile run as part of my half-marathon training.  It was supposed to get up to about 60 F today, so I waited and ran just before lunch so it would warm up a bit.  I really wanted to run outside, since I need to get used to that for the half-marathon, and I need to work on my pacing.  I did 6.05 miles in 1:00:21, which I was very happy with, considering I had about 10 minutes of walking for warm up and cool down in there.  Also, I ran on Rock Creek Trail, which still had a couple parts snowy enough that I had to slow down and walk.  I ran through numerous puddles, getting soaked feet, which was not pleasant.  I had wanted to run outside to work on my pacing, but I was definitely all over the place with my pace.  This was supposed to be a relatively easy run, but I think I end up pushing myself more like a tempo run the whole time.

This afternoon, my team had a practice outside in the gorgeous weather.  After a warm up, we did the recovery drill that I did in my clinic last Saturday.  Then we played three rounds with different partners; some played singles.  The first round was a good one for me, but my legs were definitely fatigued for the second two. 

After practice, I foam rolled my legs a bit.  I really need to do that more after runs. because it does make them feel better.  However, I don't think it's the best to do it right away, but to wait an hour or so.  That makes it hard to remember.

tomorrow evening I have a 3.0 match against a hard team.  Probably my winning streak will come to an end, but it's been good while it's lasted.

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