Saturday, February 15, 2014

Tennis Clinic: Recovering to the Middle

Today at TCCP's Spin & Power clinic, the focus was on recovering to the middle after hitting a groundstroke.  This is especially important in singles.  We did a nice drill:  you and a partner play only cross-court, so each of you has half a court to hit into.  When you're both on the deuce side, you can only hit forehand shots - if you hit backhand, you lose the point.  If you hit into the net, you lose two points.  After completing the drill on this side, both of you switch to the ad side and do the same thing with only backhand shots.  A very effective drill!

After that, we played some singles, again focusing on recovering to the middle.  The 3.5/4.0 woman I played against was very good at alternating short and long shots, so it was a lot of running.  I didn't want to get too worn out since I have two MCTA matches tonight!

The pro was also encouraging us to remember to follow through on our groundstrokes, which is something I definitely need to remember to do.

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