Friday, February 28, 2014

Mixed Win

My husband and I won our mixed combo match last night, 6-2, 7-6.  Bill was a little off in the first set and got better throughout the match, which seems kind of funny because we won the first set by more games.  The opposing man had a strong serve and pretty good movement, so I neutralized him by lobbing my returns.  I still need to work on my pace on groundstrokes so that I can have a good passing shot.

My 3.0 team was playing at the same location and the same time.  Unfortunately, they were only able to win two of the five courts.  One of the lost courts lost in a match tie-breaker, and two lost when they timed out in the second set.  It doesn't get a lot closer!

It was such a gorgeous clear night at the location we were playing at way out the suburbs, but it was way too cold to linger and appreciate.  That reminds me - this Astronomy Picture of the Day  with the crescent Moon and Venus is really neat.  I need to remember to look for Venus during the day sometime.  That day would have been a good day to do it, since I could have used the Moon as a starting point.  Ah, well.

Today is my rest day, and I actually have nothing difficult scheduled for fitness for today.  This morning I did my shortened version of P90X2 Recovery + Mobility.  The foam rolling felt good.  When I do foam rolling at other times of the week, I usually just roll my hamstrings, glutes, quads and IT band.  For this longer routine, I also roll my calves, adductors, another part of my upper leg, and the lower back.  I'm not sure what muscle I mean by "another part of my upper leg".  The part I roll is mid-way between the IT band (on the side of the leg) and the quad (on the front).  Today, these parts of my upper legs really needed foam rolling, as they were really tight.  Hopefully the rolling helped.

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