Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Two Runs

Yesterday after work, I had planned to go to cardio tennis at TCCP.  However, my last meeting ran way over, and so I was not going to have time to get there and change and get on the court before the class started.  So I canceled that and came home to do a short run on the treadmill.  I did the hill HIIT treadmill workout that I described here.  However, I increased the faster parts of stages 2 - 6 by 0.1 mph.  The run felt so-so.  It added up to 2.83 mi in 30 min.  I did get to watch one of my all-time favorite Stargate SG-1 episodes during the run: "Window of Opportunity"!

This morning I did my HIIT agility workout, followed by P90X2 X2 Ab Ripper.  I burned about 170 calories, which was pretty good.

This afternoon after work, I did the next run on my training schedule, which was a 45-min easy run.  I ran at 5.8 mph the whole way, for a distance of 4.35 mi.  This run felt reasonably good.  One of the things that hill-running people say is that when you practice running on inclines, it makes your other runs feel easier, which I think happened a bit today.

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