Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Yesterday afternoon I did a hill-running HIIT workout on my treadmill.  I followed one of the plans from Gina Harney's book HIIT It!  Here's the sequence:
  1. 0 - 5 min: 5.8 mph at 2% incline
  2. 5 - 10 min: alternate 30 s at 6.2 mph and 30 s at 5 mph, at 2% incline
  3.  10 - 12 min: 5.5 mph at 7% incline
  4.  12 - 16 min: alternate 1 min at 6.2 mph and 1 min at 5 mph, at 2% incline
  5.  16 - 26 min: alternate 2.5 min at 6.2 mph and 2.5 min at 5 mph, at 2% incline
  6.  26 - 28 min: 5.5mph at 7% incline
  7.  28 - 30 min: 5.8 mph at 0% incline
This was a good workout.  The distance came to 2.8 mi.  I was a bit conservative on the speeds, because I haven't really run on inclines much.  I think I can push them a little bit; however, I have to keep in mind that the recovery intervals really have to be recovery.  I think hill running has been missing from my training, so I'm going to try to do this workout when I have an otherwise-unoccupied night.

This morning, I weight 124.6 lb, which is a new recent low for me. and again the lowest I've weighed since last July.  I'm not sure what has caused me to finally start losing weight, but it's good to see.  I've lost perhaps 2.5 - 3 lb since the beginning of the year.  In restrospect, it looks like I started losing in the last week or so of January.  I'm pretty happy with my eating, too.  I have been eating 1600 cal/day for about 3 days a week, but that's allowed some typical cheats I have at work.  Other days, I've been eating 1800 - 1900 cal, with Saturday being more like 2400 cal.  However, I'm not trying to religiously hit the number each day.  If I'm busier and don't have time to eat, then I'm not doing it.  The only thing I miss are my M&Ms, but I think cutting them out has been helpful.

This morning I did my Agility HIIT sequence that I did last week.  The adjustment I made, for time, was that the first round was 30 s on and 30 s off, but the second round was 15 s/15 s.  After that sequence, I did P90X2 X2 Ab Ripper.  I burned about 180 calories.

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