Sunday, August 30, 2015

Really Easy Run

This morning my weight was the lowest it's been since mid-May: 123 lb.  Sweet!  I am sure that's partly from the water weight I lost during my long run yesterday, but I do think my weight is trending down, finally.  It always seems to take me forever to start losing vacation weight.

This morning I had my usual Sunday boxing class.  The class didn't seem that different or more intense than usual, but I burned almost 400 calories in the class, according to my Basis Peak.  Usually it's about 320 calories.

I did an easy run outside this afternoon.  Because it was kind of hot and my legs were tired from yesterday, it turned out to be a really easy run.  I ran for 42:11 and only went 3.34 mi.  That's an average speed of 4.75 mph!  Now I think I might have run a tad faster, but my waits at street crossings didn't get counted quite right, but it was still really slow.  I kind of felt like I was running in slow motion.  I could've run faster, but I was trying to stay at an "easy" heart rate.

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