Monday, August 10, 2015

Upper Body Workout

This morning, I repeated the upper body workout that I did before vacation.  Since my Achilles are bothering me, I thought it would be wise to avoid jumping and cardio. 

I did the workout pretty much the same as before, with a few alterations.  For the dumbbell push-press, I substituted an overhead shoulder press in order to avoid the plyo part of the move.  I did 15 lbs for both sets of the biceps curls.  For the upright rows, I did 20 lb for both sets.  For the lateral raises, I did 10 lb for both sets.  For the triceps overhead presses, I did 12 lb for both sets, and for the front raises, I did 8 lb for both sets.  I hadn't brought the record of my previous weights with me this morning, so I ended up switching a few things that I really hadn't meant to.  I need to make a chart for myself!

The workout took about 45 minutes, and I burned about 140 calories.

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