Sunday, February 7, 2016

Long Run

Last night, I had a match with my 3.5 tennis team.  My partner, Whitney, and I won 6-4, 6-4.  It was a really fun match, because there were a lot of good points, but we were glad that we got a clear win.  No tie-breakers!

Our team won three more courts and lost one, so we won the match overall.  Two of the other individual matches timed out, so it was really quite close.

Today I did the next run on my training schedule, which was a 130-min easy run.  I've really felt like my runs so far on my new treadmill have felt pretty hard - honestly, like I was running uphill.  So I put a level on the treadmill, and sure enough, I was running uphill, even though the incline was at zero.  I re-ran the calibration sequence, and that seems to have fixed it.  The run definitely felt better - it was just long.  In 2:10:00, I ran 12.23 mi on the treadmill.

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