Monday, February 15, 2016

Snow Day

Today we had a snow and ice storm, so the university was closed.  I was home all day, which always leads to me not doing much incidental activity.

This morning, I did a workout from The Master's Hammer and Chisel.  I did Hammer Power, followed by 10-min Hammer Abs.  Hammer Power is an interesting workout, because it gradually builds up the steps of some power lifting moves, albeit with dumbbells instead of barbells.  I don't think I used heavy enough weights for the 5-rep moves.  I burned about 145 calories for the whole thing.

I was supposed to have a tennis match this evening, but it was canceled because of the weather.  Instead, I did a 50-min easy run on the treadmill.  I ran at 5.7 mph, so the distance came to 4.7 mi.  This run finally felt a little better than some of the recent ones I've done, which was a bit surprising, since I ran over 12 miles yesterday!  I did get a lot of sleep this past weekend, which probably helped.

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