Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Monday Night Doubles

Yesterday morning, I did the next workout on my schedule for The Master's Hammer and Chisel.  This was Max Hammer Strength (again - I did it Thursday) and 10-Min Ab Hammer.  I had gotten new 30-lb dumbbells over the weekend, so I used them in several of the moves, which was good.  I burned about 140 calories overall.

Yesterday evening I had my normal Monday night tennis doubles at TCCP.  I haven't been there for awhile, with traveling and then the snow storm.  It was fun!  In the first round, my partner, Renee, and I lost 6-2, but we had fun.  In the second round, my partner, Lindsay and I lost 6-5; however, we didn't expect to do nearly so well, since both of our opponents were very strong, so we were quite happy with this result.  In the last round, my partner, Julie, and I lost 4-3.  A good night!

This morning, I did the next The Master's Hammer and Chisel workout, which was Chisel Agility.  This workout was a bit of a mixed bag for me.  The workout couldn't decide if it wanted to be cardio or agility.  Some moves were really easy (the plank tap things), some were hard (the jumping diagonal lunges), and some were meh because they weren't fast enough (the skater's triangle thing). I didn't really like doing two rounds of the same thing.  Anyway, I burned about 170 calories.

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