Saturday, February 20, 2016

Outside Run

Today was forecasted to be unseasonably warm, so I thought I'd do a run outside before lunch.  Well, it wasn't all that warm yet, but it wasn't bad.  I did my run on the Rock Creek Park Trail, since I haven't been there in quite awhile.  I ran 5.08 mi in 55:58, so the average speed was 5.45 mph.  A little slow, but I had a number of road crossings to stop and wait for, and I think Runkeeper tends to keep going a bit for those, which adds time but not distance. 

My heart rate was supposedly really high for a lot of this run, even though I certainly wasn't panting for breath.  I don't know if that was real, or something my Basis Peak was dreaming up.  Anyway, since my so-called easy runs have seemed to hard lately, I think I'm going to pull back to a treadmill speed of 5.6 mph for awhile for the "easy" runs and see how it goes.

This afternoon, I had a practice with my tennis team.  In the first round, my partner, Jill, and I lost 4-5, but we had been much farther behind, so it was good that we were catching up.  In the second round, my partner, Whitney and I scored 7-6, 2-2, which was essentially a tie.  In the last round, my partner, Joan, and I tied our opponents 5-5.  It was a fun and competitive practice!

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