Saturday, February 6, 2016

Two Runs

Yesterday was supposed to be my rest day.  In the morning, I did some stretching and foam rolling.

However, my run on Thursday night was shorter than what I was supposed to do on my training schedule - partly because I was low on time, and partly because my legs really weren't feeling it.  So, after work on Friday, I did a 70-min run - on my new treadmill!

My new treadmill was delivered yesterday afternoon.  It is a Spirit Fitness XT485.  I have to admit that I also wanted to run on it as soon as possible.  It thumps so much less when I run on it!  And it doesn't creak like it's about to collapse!  And it doesn't slip!

I ran for 1:10:00 at 5.7 mph, so the distance came to 6.64 mi.  This run still felt hard - my legs just aren't very happy lately.  Too much Hammer and Chisel, I think.

This afternoon, I was supposed to have a practice with my tennis team, but plans changed and I didn't get to do that.  So I did another run on the treadmill instead.  I ran for an hour at 5.7 mph.  Because the treadmill is kind of slow getting up to speed, the distance only came to 5.65 mi.  I suppose that's more accurate than the previous treadmill, because it certainly did that, too, but it's a bit annoying to record it that way.  This run felt a little bit better than yesterday's, but I still took a lot of breaks.

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