Monday, May 12, 2014


I was so busy yesterday that I didn't get a chance to blog.

Saturday afternoon, I didn't do any "real" activity.  I planted a bunch of flowers and cleaned the house.  Certainly kept me busy.

Sunday morning I was back to my normal boxing class.  I've missed it the past couple weeks.  It was so nice outside that the instructor took us outside for some sprinting.  I really pushed it.  Unfortunately, I pushed my left calf a bit too much, and now it's quite sore.

Sunday afternoon, Bill and I played our first round of golf for the season.  The round only took about 15 minutes longer than it should have, but it still seemed like forever.  At least it was a really beautiful day to be outside.  I had a couple good holes but overall did not play very well.

This morning, I did Body Beast BUILD Shoulders.  I burned about 120 calories.  My shoulders were definitely a little sore from the golf yesterday as well as some shadow-boxing with weights yesterday.  My calf is still sore.

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