Saturday, May 17, 2014

Lots of Tennis

Last night, my 3.0 team had a match against the #1 team.  I had planned for Joan and I to play #1 doubles against them to have the best chance of winning.  Unfortunately it didn't workout.  We lost the first set 6-2.  In the second set, we changed sides (me playing deuce) and started lobbing more, which won us the set 6-2.  Unfortunately we both double-faulted once in the match tie-breaker and made some other errors, so we lost the match tie-breaker.  The team only won one court overall; sadly, this is not unusual for us when we play this team. They are are good!

This morning, my teams had practice.  I played OK.  Jill and I tied our opponents in the first round 4-4.  I played singles in the second round against Fran and won 6-1.  In the third round, Susie and I lost 3-4, which wasn't too bad.

The bad thing was that my right calf started to feel tighter and tighter throughout the practice.  I don't know what was going on, because I did not do anything that I felt as an injury.  When I got home, I stretched more and foam rolled it.  It seemed to kind of work itself out.

I had a NOVA match this afternoon.  My partner and I won on #3 doubles: 6-2, 5-5.  The match timed out, so we won because we won the first set.  My partner was a lefty, which was interesting.  Our opponents hardly played at the net at all.  In the first set in particular, we moved them around a lot and played really well.  They adjusted a bit in the second set (and we made more errors), but it was not enough for them to win.

Unfortunately, my right calf started to bother me more and more throughout the match.  By the end, it was all I could do not to limp.  Going down stairs in particular is really bad.  I iced it a bit at home.  I think that it might not be my calf - I think it may be that my IT band is really tight.  I'm going to go foam roll it some more.  I wanted to do a run tomorrow, so I hope it will feel better.

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