Friday, May 16, 2014

Last Body Beast for Awhile

This morning I did Body Beast BUILD Back/Bis and P90X2 Ab Ripper.  For some reason, this did really have me sweating this morning.  In P90X2 Ab Ripper, I feel like lately I've been able to straighten my legs better in the v-hold types of moves, which is good.  I burned about 180 calories. 

I had originally planned to do another week of Body Beast, but I'm just getting too antsy with it.  I don't burn that many calories with the workouts, and so it feels a little wasted.  Maybe that's silly, but there it is.  These four weeks were a good strength block, though, and they also fulfilled their purpose in not being horribly strenuous before and after my half-marathon.

I think that next week I'll be doing some of my random favorite workouts.  Then I am away for a week on vacation.  I think I'm going to get FOCUS T25 Gamma to work on after Memorial Day.  It's also strength, but with more cardio involved.

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