Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tired Doubles

Yesterday morning, I did my shortened version of P90X2 Recovery + Mobility.  I knew I was going to be really tired and sore after the race, and I was.  The soreness improved throughout the day, but it really slowed me down.

I did play my regular Monday night doubles, but I did not expect to do well at it.  I did not.  I just did not have my usual pep.  I'd start to run for balls, and just did not move as well as I usually do.  Oh well, at least it's just for fun. 

This morning I did Body Beast BUILD Chest/Tris and P90X2 Ab Ripper.  My legs were not as sore, but it's a good thing I didn't really have to use them in the workout.  I increased my weights on the regular chest presses, maxing out at 33 lbs per hand.  Overall, I burned about 205 calories.

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