Thursday, October 9, 2014

Mixed Loss

Last night I played a mixed combo match.  Unfortunately I was not scheduled to play with my husband, which is what I prefer.  I played with another guy who is a 3.5, so we made a 6.5 pair in a 7.5 league - not good.  We ended up losing 6-1, 6-1.  I don't think it had to be that bad, especially since we had a number of deuce games, but I felt like my partner wrote off the match before we even got started.  It's hard not to be insulted by that, but I think he just didn't care overall.  He's a singles player mostly, and so his doubles strategy was definitely lacking.  The opposing man also had excellent shot placement for doubles.

This morning I decided to sleep in a bit and catch up on my rest, so I didn't do a workout or even foam rolling.  I have another late match tonight.

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