Monday, October 13, 2014

No Match

Last night, my husband and I were supposed to play in a 7.5 mixed combo match.  However, our team arrived at the facility, and there was already another match playing that had started an hour earlier.  MCTA had double-booked our facility.  The guy running the courts offered to stay until we could play our match when the previous players had finished, but that probably would've meant playing until midnight.  Not really what we wanted to do!  Our captain is getting the match re-scheduled.  Now I've had two nights in a row of expecting to play a match and then not doing it.  Kind of a let-down.  At least I got to bed on time instead of late.

This morning I did the first workout of Stage 3 of NROLW.  I kept the weights and such the same as in the previous workout, except that my second Swiss-ball plank, which I held for 80 sec.  Those are really tough!  I burned about 215 calories in the workout.

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