Friday, October 10, 2014

Tri-level Win!

Last night I had a tri-level match with my team.  My partner, Anda, and I won, 7-5, 5-7, 1-0.  This was the hardest team in the league, as always, so we were really psyched to win our court.  We were anxious to try what we learned at Wintergreen, but we just made a lot of errors at first and got down 4-1 pretty quickly.  We pulled ourselves together, especially Anda, who played really well, and won the first set.  The second set was pretty even until our opponents got the win.  We started off strong in the match tie-breaker, getting up 9-3.  But then we got nervous and couldn't get the last point.  We finally won it, 10-8.  So exciting!  Sadly, our team lost the other two courts, so we lost the match overall.

This morning I did the second workout in Stage 3 of NROLW.  I didn't change my weights for any of the exercises except the crunches on the Swiss ball. I held a 20-lb weight for these.  I'm just not sure the weight is making that much of a difference.  I rushed the exercises a bit, since they don't require a lot of weight, just to get done faster.  I skipped the HIIT again, for time.  I don't care for this workout very much, because it seems like it takes forever, but the exercises aren't doing much.  I burned about 130 calories. 

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