Sunday, October 19, 2014

Two Wins!

Last night I had a combo match at 7pm and a tri-level match at 9pm.  My partner and I won both!

I played the combo match with Jessica, and I knew we were playing against a weak team.  However, our two opponents were just so inexperienced that the match was no contest at all.  We won 6-1, 6-0.  One of our other courts also won very quickly, so we shuffled things around and played them for a set or so, which was much more fun.  Our team won both of the other courts, so we had a clean sweep win.

I played the tri-level match with Anda.  Like our match last week, we were playing against the toughest team.  This time, though, the other captain brought out her big player, probably because we did win last week.  That player, Marva, was one that we've only beaten once.  However, Anda and I played really well, and we got the win last night, too!  We were pretty even in the first set and then managed to win 6-4.  In the second set, we got down 2-4, but came back to win 6-4.  Yay!  Unfortunately our team lost the other two courts, so we lost the overall match.

This morning I did my usual Sunday boxing class.  It was fine - nothing unusual.  I'm glad I am feeling more energetic again.  I do think the iron supplement is helping.

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