Friday, December 5, 2014

Big Doubles Win!

Wednesday evening I was supposed to have a team practice, but it was still too damp to play, so we canceled.  I had a lot of work to do, so I didn't find a replacement activity.  In fact, I stayed up extra late grading some projects, so I slept in a bit in the morning and did not do my P90X2 Recovery + Mobility as planned.

Last night I subbed into our last tri-level match of the season.  Mary Ann and I played a marathon match, but finally won!  Our opponents did not hit fast-paced shots, but mostly hit softer, looping shots, which we had no problem dealing with.  We were pretty evenly matched and everyone was playing very consistently, so the points went on forever.  We won the first set 7-5, over an hour into the match.  In the second set, our opponents somehow ended up winning 6-2 - I don't feel like they did anything in particular to beat us, but it just ended up that way.  We started the match tie-breaker with fewer than 10 minutes left in the match.  We were pretty even in the tie-breaker...we were at 6-6, with just a couple minutes left.  We managed to win the next two points before time ran out.  We won the tie-breaker 8-6, and so we won the match! 

Our 3.5s won also, so we won the match overall.  A good ending to the season.  Last season in tri-level, our team only had a record of 1-11.  This season we ended 6-9, and three of our wins were against the top team, which was great!

This morning I did P90X2 Plyocide.  I could tell I hadn't done this workout in awhile!  I skipped the neuro-integrated stretching at the end, because I was going to do some foam rolling and needed to save time.  I burned about 210 calories in the workout.

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