Saturday, December 13, 2014

Long Run

Yesterday afternoon and evening I did not do any activity, as it was my rest day - my first full rest day in a long time.  I did eat a bunch at our department holiday party.  Happily, this morning that was not reflected in my weight.

Today before lunch I did the next long run on my training schedule.  It called for 9 miles.  I did the whole thing on the treadmill at 5.8 mph.  It wasn't as bad as I was expecting!  I only took drink breaks every 10 minutes for the first 40 minutes, and then I increased the frequency of the breaks.  The total run was 1:33:10.

This evening I had played a match with my combo team.  Unfortunately Susie and I lost 4-6, 0-6.  However, our team won the other two courts so we won the match overall!

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