Saturday, December 20, 2014

Tennis Twice

Last night Bill and I went to TCCP to play in their members appreciate doubles mixer.  We did some drilling for an hour, and then we had an hour of some quick match play.  It wasn't very tough, but it was reasonably fun.  I won a trophy for winning the most games in the match play!  Can't complain about that.

This morning I played tennis with Janet and the 7.5 women's combo team that I will be playing with in the winter 2015 season.  It's a bit intimidating to come in as the new 3.5 on the team.  I played with Janet first, and we lost 6-3.  We really had a lot of unforced errors, while our opponents were hitting very well.  We lost the second set 6-2, if I remember right.  We did play better with me on the ad side.  Then we switched partners, and I played with Carol for a few games.  We managed to squeeze in a set, and unfortunately lost 6-1.

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