Sunday, December 21, 2014

Run with Intervals

Yesterday afternoon I did a 60-min run with some speed intervals.  This was the next run on my training schedule.  For the easy run parts, I ran at 5.8 mph.  Then, for six 1-min intervals, I ran at 7.5 mph.  The run ended up being 5.97 mi in 60 min, which wasn't bad.  I did take quite a few breaks.

This morning I did the earlier boxing class, like I did last week.  We didn't have to do grocery shopping today, so I was able to go to the earlier class.  It's nice to get it done right away, and it was a good class.

I need a new activity monitor, because Body Media is gradually going away, now that they've been bought by Jawbone.  I was thinking about getting an UP3 when they come out, but they don't have an activity display of any kind of them, which I don't like.  So I'm debating between a Basis Peak, which is available now, and waiting or a FitBit Surge, which is supposed to be available in early 2015.  The Basis Peak looks nicer, is available now, and has sensors more similar to the BodyMedia device that I have.  But the FitBit Surge will have GPS and all the good FitBit software.

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