Sunday, December 7, 2014

Painful Day

Yesterday, my abs were sore all day.  It wasn't like it was killing me, but it was really annoying and distracting.  I was also so tired all day.

I did the next run on my training schedule, which was 50 min with 4 - 6 60-s hard intervals.  I ran on the treadmill starting at 5.8 mph and increasing to 6.2 mph so that the average of my "easy" pace was 6.0 mph.  I did 5 60-s intervals at 7.5 mph.  This was a hard run, since I was just so tired.  My abs didn't really hurt more during the run, but I'm sure it affected me.  I took a lot of breaks.

Fortunately this morning my abs started to feel better.  I could still feel some soreness, but not nearly as bad.  I still don't know what the problem was!

This morning I went to my usual boxing class.  I was still tired, but it went OK.

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