Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Easy Run

Yesterday after work, I did an easy run on the treadmill.  My easy pace is up to 5.7 mph, so I ran at that speed for 1 hour, which gave a distance of 5.7 mi.  This wasn't hard in terms of cardio, but my legs are tired from Hammer and Chisel.

This morning, I did the next workout in The Master's Hammer and Chisel program, which was Chisel Cardio.  This was different cardio than I'm used to, because it did involve weights.  The idea was to do the moves for a whole minute, which gets your heart rate up.  This was a decent workout.  I think all the step-up moves on the bench are good for me, which is why I find them hard.  I burned about 130 calories.

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