Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Two Days

Yesterday morning, I did P90X2 Chest + Back + Balance.  I increased my reps on a number of moves, mostly pull-ups, which was nice.  I burned about 140 calories.

Yesterday evening, I had my usual Monday night tennis doubles at TCCP.  In the first round, my partner, Jessica, and I won 6-4.  In the second round, my partner, Donna, and I lost 6-1.  In the last round, my partner, Whitney, and I tied, 2-2.  I played reasonably well.

This morning, I did P90X2 X2 Core.  Over the weekend, I inflated my stability ball better, and it's much firmer now.  It really made a difference and made a number of the moves easier to do.  I burned about 130 calories.

Today after work, I had wanted to go to cardio tennis at TCCP, but it was canceled because not enough people signed up.  So I came home and did an easy run on the treadmill.  I ran for 60 minutes at 5.6 mph, so the distance was 5.6 mi.  This run felt reasonably easy.

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