Monday, January 25, 2016

Stuck at Home

We are still stuck at home because of the huge snow storm!  We got about 24 inches of snow, which is record-breaking for this area.  It's taking forever for the roads to be cleared.

Yesterday morning, my husband and I did more shoveling.  We had to clear lots of snow off of our cars, because the wind had made it drift quite deeply on top of them.  One of our shovels broke, so that was pretty much all the shoveling we could do together.  My husband finished the rest in the afternoon.  That was fine by me!  My left biceps and forearm were really sore from supporting the shovel blade with full load, and my upper back and shoulders were sore from throwing shovel-fuls of snow onto piles as tall as me!

Yesterday afternoon, I did an easy run on the treadmill.  I ran at 5.6 mph for 50 min, so the distance came to 4.66 mi.  I was just feeling too tired and sore in general to run more.  I've definitely become more efficient at running.  According to my Basis Peak, these days I only burn about 5 - 6 cal/min during my easy runs, so my 50 minutes of running only burned 250 - 300 calories!  How depressing!

But part of the reason I've gotten so efficient is that I've run a lot in the past couple weeks.  Running is my go-anywhere exercise, so I did a lot of running when we were in Monterey.  And now that we're stuck in the house, that's what I'm doing, too.  In the week of Jan. 17 - 23, I ran the most distance I've ever done in a week: 41.1 miles!  My two long runs happened to be Sunday and then Saturday, 6 days apart instead of 7, and so it really added up.  It was also the longest duration in time that I've run in a week, 7:16:25, all according to RunKeeper.  Since November 2013, when I started using RunKeeper, I've run 1468 miles!

This morning, I did the next workout on my schedule for The Master's Hammer and Chisel.  This was Total Body Hammer and 10-Min Hammer Abs.  My time estimate for these was a bit high, so fortunately they didn't take 60 minutes like I thought they would.  Total Hammer was a good workout, with two progressive sets of three exercises.  My hands and forearms weren't very happy about holding the weights today.  I've really been discovering with this workout program how much weaker my left leg is than my right, so it's been good.  I burned about 145 calories with the two workouts.

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