Thursday, April 28, 2016

Tennis Practice

Last night after work, I had a practice with my tennis team.  It was a little chilly and gray, but we had some good tennis.  In the first round, my partner, Bhanu, and I won 6-3, which was a bit unexpected, given our opponents.  We definitely had a lot of good games.  In the second round, I played singles against one of our most consistent 3.5 singles players, and got creamed 0-6, 4-6.  She is very good about placing her shots exactly where she wants them.

This morning, I did the P90X3 workout The Challenge.  In total, I did 221 push-ups and 39 pull-ups (unassisted), which was good!  I can definitely do more push-ups next time.  I burned a whopping 75 calories!  Ha!

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