Friday, April 15, 2016

Two Runs

Wednesday evening after work, I did the next run on my training schedule, which was a 90-min easy run.  I did this on the treadmill at 5.7 mph, so the distance came to 8.47 mi.  This run didn't feel too bad.

Yesterday morning, I did the next workout from The Master's Hammer and Chisel, which was Iso Speed Hammer.  This is a short and sweet workout that I still think is pretty good.  I burned about 90 calories.

I wanted to do cardio tennis at TCCP after work, but yet again, they didn't have enough participants to hold the class.  I went home and did a run outside on Sligo Creek Trail instead.  I was really trying to keep my heart rate low so that it would be an easy run, but my heart rate seemed to be pretty crazy high in the second half.  I really don't think that could have been correct, but I ended up running pretty slowly.  My overall time was 58:50 and the distance was 5.04 mi, so the average speed was 5.15 mi.  Well, I suppose that was easy!

Today is my rest day.  In the morning, I did some stretching and foam rolling.  No other real activity for me today!

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