Monday, July 6, 2015

Two Easy Runs (Edited)

(I edited this from the original, adding in my Saturday afternoon activity.)

Saturday afternoon, I did a walk around Grosse Pointe to look at some of the GP Benches , which are decorated, sponsored benches placed around Grosse Pointe.  Many of them are quite pretty, so I thought it would be nice to view some, and a good excuse for a walk.

Well, it turns out that it can be harder to find a park bench than you might think.  They are not always located right at the addresses listed on the map for them - they can be around the corner, or on the other side of the building, and so on.  Some of them seem to be missing.  However, I did end up viewing 15 of the 41 benches.  This bench below, Monarchs in the Garden, was my favorite.
The walk took me about 90 minutes and was a little over 5 miles - my GPS glitched at the beginning, so I don't know the exact distance.

Yesterday morning I did a 40-min easy run in Grosse Pointe before we left.  I ran 3.48 mi in 40:25, which was an average speed of 5.17 mph.  It was another beautiful morning, although my legs were a little tired from the day before.

After that, we drove back home to Maryland.

This morning, I did P90X3 Eccentric Upper, preceded by Cold Start.  This workout is hard on my left forearm/elbow, but I got it done.  I burned about 80 calories.  Afteward, I did a 20-min easy run on the treadmill:  a speed of 5.2 mph, which gave a distance of 3.46 mi.

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