Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Evening Practice

Yesterday evening I had a practice with my tennis team.  First, we played 4 games of singles.  I tied my opponent 2-2.  Next, we played some doubles.  My partner, Mary Ann, and I lost 7-6.  It was a lot of fun and very competitive!  Luckily we didn't get any rain or thunderstorms.

This morning, I did P90X3 MMX, preceded by Cold Start.  This is a fun workout.  I burned about 200 calories.

Before I went to work, I took a short walk around the neighborhood.  It was a beautiful morning!

Lately I have been trying to not sit around so much at work.  The past few weeks, I've been doing an afternoon walk through my building.  Well, my building connects to a couple other ones, so if I walk around all the connecting floors and then go upstars, I get a pretty good walk.  It takes 20 - 25 minutes, and I get about 2500 steps.  I don't want to walk outside, because this time of year it's usually pretty hot and I'd get sweaty and sunburned.  I do have to take it a little easy inside so that I don't start sweating too much and get smelly.  The joys of sweating at the drop of a hat!

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