Sunday, August 24, 2014

CPTC Tournament

Yesterday I played in a tournament at CPTC.  First, Jessica and I played doubles against two 3.5 women.  I'd played them before at club night, so I knew they would be tough.  However, we played pretty well.  We lost 6-2, 6-4.  We were the only under-4.0 ladies doubles match in the tournament, so we got 2nd place!  Ha.

Bill and I played mixed doubles in the tournament, after Bill had played a singles match and lost.  The first pair we played were not great players, and the man had played three (!) singles matches that morning.  We played an 8-game proset and won 8-4.

That moved us on to the mixed doubles final.  We played a really good pair.  The woman was a 4.5 player that Bill had taken a clinic with before.  The man was apparently rated over 5.0.  He was coaching her.  The good thing about this was that he wasn't playing to win.  He would just hit the ball back, but he could get to everything.  Even so, we focused on playing her.  Again, we were playing an 8-game proset.  We were pretty much neck-and neck the whole match and got to 7-7 to force a tiebreaker.  We lost the tiebreaker - no way the man on the other side was going to let them lose.  So we got runner-up mixed doubles - this was at least a little more earned.

This morning I did my usual Sunday boxing class.  Nothing special about it, but it was fine.

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