Thursday, August 14, 2014

Evening Practice

Yesterday evening I had a practice with my team.  I was feeling pretty sore from getting back into lifting after vacation, but I played pretty well.  The first round, my partner and I won 6-3.  The second round, my partner and I won 7-6, 2-1.  We had 12 people for practice, which was a lot more than usual for a weeknight.  The weather was beautiful, which probably helped.

This morning, I did P90X2 X2 Core.  Because of my wet basement, I did the workout on the first floor in my living room.  The challenge was to not be too noisy, since my husband was still sleeping.  Some of the moves, like the one-leg medicine-ball burpees, I just can never do very well.  I burned about 160 calories.

So far, my weight has declined slightly since returning from vacation.  I'm eating 1600 cal/day for a couple more days, at least.  I'm hungry!  Which means I don't know how long I can stick with it.

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