Monday, August 18, 2014

Last Iteration of First Stage of NROLW

Yesterday afternoon and evening, I did not do any more specific activity or workout.  I did some house cleaning.  Our basement has finally dried out, so my husband and I spent some time moving the things back into the exercise room and doing some cleaning.

this morning I started on the last part of the stage 1 workouts for NROLW.  I did the first workout of the stage with 3 sets of 8 reps.  I went up to 30 lb per hand on the squats, which was doable.  I continued with the push-ups with the side-arm balance move using 12 lb per hand, even though I did fewer reps.  The 15-lb weights I have are not so good for doing push-ups on.  For the bent-over rows, I increased to 28 lb per hand, which was really tough.  I thought in one set that I might have tweaked a shoulder muscle, but I haven't really been feeling it, so hopefully not.  For the step-ups, I also increased to 28 lb per hand.  These were really, really hard, especially for the left leg.  Yuck.  The prone jackknifes increased to 15 reps, which was tough but doable.  I burned about 145 calories in the workout.

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