Monday, August 25, 2014

Last Long Run before Half Marathon!

Yesterday afternoon, I did my last long run before I start tapering for my half-marathon on Sep. 14.  I ran 11.05 mi in 1:56:51, which was an average speed of about 5.7 mph.  This was slower than my intended speed of about 6 mph.  I ran on the Sligo Creek Trail.  It's a little hilly, although not as bad as the part of the Rock Creek Trail near me.  I started in the middle of the trail and went north until the end, then turned around and went south for quite a bit, and then came back north to my starting point.  The trail is downhill toward the south, so that means the middle was easier than the beginning or the end... I just felt pretty bad after about mile 8, especially.  I took a lot of breaks.  The weather was about as good as it could be for the middle of the afternoon in August - about 80 F and not too humid.  Most of the trail was shaded, which was a blessing. 

this morning I weighed in at 125.8 lb, the lowest since returning from vacation!  Certainly sweating so much in my run yesterday helped get me to this weight, but hopefully it's continuing the downward trend.

This morning I did the last iteration of the second workout of Stage 1 for NROLW.  It was a little tough to get going because I was still pretty tired from my run, but I got it done.  I burned about 135 calories.

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