Sunday, September 21, 2014

Back to Running

Yesterday afternoon I did my first run since my half-marathon.  My legs were not too happy about it.  I ran on the Rock Creek Park trail (the scene of the crime, so to speak).  I did 3.02 mi in 31:19, which is an average speed of about 5.8 mph.  I had negative splits, so it did seem like my body was warming up to the running.

I read something on Coach Jenny's blog on Runner's World about running problems.  One thing she mentioned was how some runners end up trying to run all of their long runs at their race pace.  She pointed out that this is not good, because long runs are supposed to be boosting endurance and should always be run at a pace that feels pretty easy.  Well, this hit home for me, because I feel like all of my outdoor long runs feel so hard.  I think I'm just pushing too much.  I made an effort to do yesterday's run at an easier pace.

This morning I did my usual boxing class, after missing last week's because of my race.  There was a substitute instructor though, and not one of my favorites.  I really felt like he was phoning it in today.  He didn't bother to demonstrate any of them moves.  Oh, well. I did get a pretty good calorie burn.

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