Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Cardio Tennis

Yesterday was my first day of classes for the semester.  I had forgotten how many calories I burn and how much I sweat in a full-size lecture, even though I'm usually cold!  It really pushed my burn up for the day.

Yesterday afternoon I did the cardio tennis class at CPTC.  I haven't done it for awhile, mostly because of time conflicts.  It was a good class, although not too hard.  The pro definitely took it a little easy on us because it was very hot and extremely humid.  I was dripping sweat before we even got started.  Whew.

This morning my weight was under 128 lb for the first time in days!  Why is it that I'm having to dig myself out of vacation weight gain again?  I just don't understand, but hopefully I'm making progress.

This morning I did P90X+ Kenpo Cardio+, one of my favorite workouts.  I'm still trying to be a bit careful about my ankle, but so far, so good with it.  I burned about 360 calories according to my BodyMedia device, which is a little unbelievable.  The plastic casing on my device has been gradually falling apart from prolonged contact with my sunscreen, and so I wonder if that's messing it up somehow.  I have an older one that's not so bad, and I may have to switch back to it soon.  I was hoping to use this one until it completely stopped working, because I was hoping by then I'd be out of suncreen season.

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