Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Monday Doubles

Last night I played my Monday night doubles at TCCP.  This was challenging, because my legs were still pretty sore, and I was tired.  However, I did well.  My partner and I won the first round 6-2.  A different partner and I lost the second round 6-2.  A third partner and I tied the last round 2-2.  Like I was last week, I tried to really get the slice on my serve, which was working pretty well.  I started to wander a bit with my toss toward the end of the night, so I need to concentrate on that.

This morning I originally had scheduled for myself to begin the second stage workouts of New Rules of Lifting for Women.  However, my legs are still really sore, so I put that off.  I did P90X+ Kenpo Cardio+ instead, although I didn't put out full effort into it.  I burned about 255 calories.

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