Thursday, September 18, 2014


Yesterday afternoon, I went for a walk from my house down toward Rock Creek Trail and back.  It was very pleasant weather for walking; I have to take advantage before it gets cold and dark too early.  I walked about 3.8 miles.

This morning, I did the second workout for the second stage of NROLW.  There are a lot of exercises in this workout, plus some HIIT at the end, so it took me about 65 minutes to do.  Again, each move was 2 sets of 10 reps with 75 sec of rest in between.  I shortened the rest between the ab moves to 60 sec because I was getting impatient and they weren't that hard.  The HIIT sequences were 60 sec of work and 120 sec of rest.
  • Wide-grip deadlift from box: I used the book's diagram guideline and used my step with one additional tier.  I lifted 68 lb.  This didn't feel too tough.
  • Bulgarian split squat: I used my weight bench to elevate my leg on this one.  I held a 25 lb dumbbell, which was too light.  This was 10 reps per leg per set.
  • Pull-ups: I did unassisted pull-ups and got 3 for each set.
  • Reverse lunge from box with forward reach: this is kind of an odd move.  The cueing in the book said to use light weights, so I used 5 lb per hand for the first set.  However, that was way to light.  I switched to 12 lb per hand for the second set, which may have been just a bit too heavy.
  • Dumbbell prone Cuban snatch:  no comment from the book about the weight on this one, but I could tell I would need light weights, as this focuses on the rotator cuff.  I used 5 lb per hand and used my stability ball to support me at an angle.
  • Swiss-ball crunch: I upped these reps to 20 per set.  I put the stability ball under my back and farther toward my butt, which made it harder.  Still not a problem to get 20.
  • Reverse crunch: I upped these reps to 20 per set.  They did get hard right at the end.
  • Hanna side flexion 1: an odd move that is clearly for mobility and not for strength.  These were not difficult.
  • Prone cobra: I did a 60 sec hold in each set.  I can't get my arms twisted around as much as they show in the book, but I don't think that's really the point.
  • HIIT: I did each of these moves for 60 sec.  Honestly, they were hard, and I had to take short breaks.  First high knees, then tuck jumps, then sideways hops, then split lunge jumps, then burpees.
Overall, this workout did not feel extremely hard.  A lot of the moves are using lighter weights because they are aimed more at stabilizer muscles or mobility.  I burned about 205 calories.

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