Thursday, September 4, 2014

Evening Boxing

Yesterday afternoon I went to a boxing class at the gym I belong to.  The pro that teaches it always does nearly the same things, so it was a bit boring.  However, he does love having us do high knees, and so I did get a good calorie burn.

Last night when I uploaded my BodyMedia data for the day, I could see that some of the calorie burn readings were just crazy high.  There's no way they were correct.  Obviously, the disintegration of the plastic casing has allowed the sensors inside to be affected.  So I switched back to my older device.  I had stopped using it and gotten a new one because it had not been reading my sleep correctly.  Except now I wonder if that was really something with my body temperature or something related to overtraining, because the new device did the same thing for awhile.  At any rate, the old device that I switched back to today seems reasonable so far.

I was back to 128 lb this morning.  Bah.  Even though I thought I looked leaner.

This morning I did FOCUS T25 Gamma Speed 3.0.  I needed something short because this is a teaching day.  Originally I was also going to do Asylum vol. 2 Ab Shredder, but I got going a little late, and I didn't really feel like it, so I didn't.  I burned about 190 calories in the workout.

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