Saturday, September 13, 2014

Still Resting!

Bill and I went on a very easy walk yesterday afternoon in order to stretch our legs and enjoy the nice weather.  It was less than 2 miles.

This morning I was going to have a tennis practice with my team, but it looked like rain, so I canceled it.  Instead I went back to bed.  I'm really trying to take this resting idea seriously!

I'm getting a little nervous for the race tomorrow.  I have a pretty ambitious improvement goal, to go from 2:08:16 to less than 2 hours, and I haven't been feeling that great in training.  Fortunately, the forecast for tomorrow is for dry, sunny weather in the 60s F.  Hopefully it'll stay on the cool end of that.  I also hoping that the rest I've been getting and the excitement of race day will get me through at the pace I want.  Thank goodness there are going to be pace runners.

The race organizers have definitely been having problems though - this is the Montgomery Parks Half Marathon.  They sent a very useful email earlier this week, which had links to the course maps and stuff.  But yesterday, maybe before that, their website was not longer working.  It looks like they forgot to pay the hosting fees.  So now that information is inaccessible.  Today I went to pick up my bib and timing chip.  The sporting goods store where the pick up was being hosted is way too small for the number of people needing to pick up bibs.  The parking lot was also way too small.  Annoying.

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