Thursday, September 11, 2014

Evening Practice

Last night I had a practice with my tennis team.  I lost my first round, which was singles, 2-5.  It was a mix of unforced errors on my parts and winners by my opponent.  The second round, my partner and I won 7-6, 3-2.  We played some excellent doubles with a lot of net play - it was fun.

This morning I'm up to 128.4 lb.  I know that's a tiny change from yesterday, but it's still going the wrong way.  I'm eating more this week because I want to be properly fueled for my race, but 1900 cal/day shouldn't be making me gain weight.  Or even maintain, really.  Grrr.

This morning I did Cathe Friedrich's 4 Day Split Boot Camp workout.  This has 12 short segments using a step for some of them.  This usually isn't a tough workout for me, but I burned about 205 calories, which surprised me.

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