Monday, September 1, 2014

Mixed Doubles

Yesterday afternoon I ended up not doing any other activity.  My husband and I had possibly planned on doing some biking, but then severe thunderstorms were supposed to be coming.  Of course, they did not arrive until after we probably would've gotten home, but better safe than sorry.  I dusted the whole house - it really needed it - to try to get a few more steps in for the day.

This morning Bill and I played tennis with another couple for fun.  Jessica is on my team, and her husband, Chris, is also a 4.0 player, so we thought it would be a good match up.  It would've been even better if Bill and I hadn't made so many unforced errors!  We lost the first set 6-4, and then also lost the second set 6-2.  They offered to play a third set, which we managed to win 7-6.  It was really pretty hot, and extremely humid from the thunderstorms last night and more rain over night.  I wish we had played better, but it was a lot of fun.

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