Sunday, April 13, 2014

10K Race!

Last night, I had a 3.5 doubles match.  Unfortunately Whitney and I lost: 6-2, 4-6, 0-1.  One of our opponents was left-handed.  In the first set, they played with her on the deuce side.  In the second set, they changed size, which really affected how we wanted to serve to them.  Also, the other opponent started have more success with her weird slice shots, which were hard to return.  It was frustrating to lose, because I think we could have won it!

This morning, I ran the Clyde's 10K in Columbia.  Going to bed after midnight after a 2-hour tennis match and getting up at 5:45am is really not the best idea for doing your best in the race.  The course was urban, being on streets and wide shoulders.  It was really hilly, which was painful.  Since the course was completely closed, they discouraged the use of headphones.  I didn't use them, but a lot of other people did.  I had to take a 1-min walking break at 4.5 mi and 5.0 mi.  The last quarter mile was downhill, which gave the chance to really build up the speed, but the very end was flat, so the finish was hard.  I was totally wasted.

I finished in 56:36, which I am very happy with!  I placed 508 out of 1209.  Among women 40 - 44, I was 24th out of 113.    There were a few spectators on the course, which was cool.  I have never been cheered on before!  I grabbed some yummy muffins and a cookie from the after-party.  I did not try the Clyde's chili - who eats chili at 9am?

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