Thursday, April 3, 2014

Fast Tempo Run

Yesterday afternoon I was able to do an outside run.  It was time for the tempo run I postponed from last Sunday.  This was my second chance to use PaceDJ to help with my pace.  I wanted to go a little faster than my average last time (6.1 mph), so I increased the BPM from 160 to 162.  I did in fact get an average speed of 6.3 mph this time.  I ran 6.04 miles in 57:45.  This was a hard run, because I was really tired from the singles tennis the night before.  I had to take a 2-minute break at 3.0 miles and then 1-minute breaks at 5.0 and 5.5 miles.  It doesn't help that the beginning and end of the route I ran was really hilly.  The hills up at the end were killer.  So I'm not happy with the breaks, but I'm happy that I could pretty much do that speed.

Unfortunately, Pace DJ cut out four or five times during the run.  It just stopped.  When I pulled out my phone and started it, it acted like it was starting up all over again, so I think it really did quit.  Annoying.   That didn't happen in my first run with it.

This morning I did Insanity the Asylum vol. 2 XTrainer and Ab Shredder.  These were really hard this morning because I was still pretty tired from yesterday.  I did manage to get through, but it wasn't my best workout.

This afternoon/evening I am resting.  I have a match tomorrow, so I can't take a whole rest day tomorrow, so I'm making it be tonight and tomorrow morning.

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