Monday, April 21, 2014

13-Mile Run!

Yesterday afternoon I did my first 13-mi run!  I did it at my goal pace of 5.8 mph, so it took 1:34:30.  It was really hard to keep going and going.  I did jump on the rails for breaks, and I took a couple stopping breaks.  Wow.  However, I didn't have to go to the bathroom, which is good news, I hope, for the actual race.  I distracted myself by watching one of my all-time favorite movies: Contact with Jodie Foster.  I hadn't seen it in quite awhile, and I did enjoy it.

Today I'm pretty wiped still, although I'm not sure I feel as tired as I did after the 10K race last Sunday.  I did break a new personal record for calories burned yesterday:  over 4000 calories according to my Body Media device.  And about 34,500 steps for the day, another personal record.  Well, running 13 miles will do that!

This morning I started a strength block in my morning exercises.  I did Body Beast BUILD Shoulders.  That burned about 125 calories.  Surprisingly I'm not too sore today from boxing yesterday, but I can feel I'm going to be sore tomorrow from the shoulder workout this morning.

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