Thursday, April 24, 2014

Evening Practice

Yesterday in the early evening, I did a boxing class.  I don't usually do these during the week, but I had to be in the area at the time, and so I avoided the traffic.  It was a pretty easy class, honestly.  I was happy that the instructor didn't do any push-ups, because my chest was still pretty sore.  I'm sure he just totally forgot, because usually we do them.

This morning I did Body Beast BUILD Back/Bis and P90X2 Ab Ripper.  I went too light on some of the back exercises, so I noted that for next time.  I burned about 170 calories total.  I'm still pretty sore in my chest and triceps.  Not really feeling it in the shoulders, though, despite two workouts for them this week.  Does that mean I'm not pushing my shoulders as hard?

This evening I had an outside practice for my tennis team.  I played pretty well in the first rotation, but so-so in the second.  When the Sun gets pretty low, the angle of the light and the shadows really mess with my ability to see the ball properly.  I just feel kind of weird playing in that .

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